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Morphos The MorphOS version of the Origyn web browser has been bumped to version 1.3. It comes with a long list of improvements and bug fixes. The OWB browser is used on a multitude of platforms, but recently it has been gaining a lot of popularity on AmigaOS4 and MorphOS because it's a small, fast, and modern WebKit-based browser. Since I'm currently borrowing a Sam440ep Flex machine with AmigAOS 4.1 from ACube so I can review the machine and the operating system for OSNews, I have access to OWB on Amiga and Amiga-like platforms, so read on for a few screenshots and some notes. Update: As commenters rightfully pointed out, I wasn't using the latest OWB version. The latest one does have tabbed browsing, as well as an updated interface. Check inside for a new screenshot.
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OWB 1.3 for MorphOS
by luky on Mon 8th Jun 2009 12:05 UTC
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Thanks! True, OWB for MorphOS / AmigaOS 4 rulez! And OWB has much better ACID3 result (99 and 100/100) than Internet Explorer 8 (20) Mozilla Firefox 3 (71), Safari 3.2.1 (75), Opera 9.63 (85), Konqueror 4.20 (85). Only new betas Opera 10 or Safari 4 can compete.

OWB 1.3 for MorphOS (or OWB 3.13 for AmigaOS 4) supports tabbed browsing.

OWB 1.3 for MorphOS has much better user interface (MUI 4) and more features than OWB for AmigaOS 4 you are testing - I tested both versions, I have AmigaOS 4.1 and MorphOS 2.2 on my Pegasos II G4 machine. I hope you will have MorphOS 2 powered machine soon ;) MorphOS rulez ;)


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RE: OWB 1.3 for MorphOS
by Thom_Holwerda on Mon 8th Jun 2009 14:35 in reply to "OWB 1.3 for MorphOS"
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Yeah, you guys are right! I thought I was running the latest version of OWB, but apparantly, I updated with an older version or something. In any case, I've got the new version installed, I'll get some screenshots up ASAP.

Awesome, tabbed browsing on Amiga ;) .

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RE[2]: OWB 1.3 for MorphOS
by -ujb- on Mon 8th Jun 2009 15:27 in reply to "RE: OWB 1.3 for MorphOS"
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IIRC tabbed browsing is possible since ages on Amiga/MorphOS with iBrowse. Plus, OWB is not the first browser on MorphOS that supports CSS. There was Sputnik before. That one was quite fine, too (lighter, faster, but not that powerful sas OWB).

But in the end OWB is a real blessing for MorphOS. It runs very stable and with the 1.3 release is has quite a very good speed. And the MIME type handling fills several gaps inherent to the browser itself.

It is definitly the most important application on MorphOS - the technical gap between the popular OSes got narrowed a lot and the OS became useful as every day OS again (i.e. you still need your reasons (which I have plenty of) to prefer MorphOS, but you don't need to be totally nuts anymore to use it..).

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Nicholas Blachford Member since:

Awesome, tabbed browsing on Amiga ;) .

Wasn't the Amiga the first platform with tabbed browsing?
I remember being told that a while back. Some Amiga browser had it, then Opera then everyone else.

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