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Apple At the WWDC today, Apple has lifted the veil on a number of features of its upcoming operating system, Snow Leopard. Most of the work on Snow Leopard has gone into under-the-hood technologies and optimisations, but there are also a number of interface tweaks. The company also updated some of its laptops, while also lowering their prices. We got all the news from
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1) If you see Snow Leopard as an API upgrade only, then you clearly should stay with Leopard and end of thread.

2) I don't belong to any club. I enjoy OSX on top of every other OS I have been faced with, starting with Spectrum ZX back in 1987 (I think) and ending with OS X. In the middle I have worked @ IBM with OS/2 and AIX and lived with every DOS version (not only Microsoft DOS). Windows 3.1, 3.11 and so forth… I don't consider myself part of any club. When I started working with OS X it was already the end of Jaguar and a couple of months before Panther. I, as a computer "profesional" that has dedicated his entire career to this business, found out that OS X was/is the most pleasant OS to work with.

When the x86 version saw the light, it was godsend. Virtualization + OSX was all I needed to keep programming for Windows (work) and doing every other possible task I wanted to do with computers with OS X, which I find more adequate.

If you "hate" OS X or Apple for their "policies", just ignore it. Windows is a disaster in many aspects, I deal with it from a very low level perspective every single day.

Cocoa is far from perfect, but if you happen to know both environments (Windows API or .NET vs Cocoa) you should understand.

OS X may not be perfect (it's not, it's annoying sometimes) but my computer experience is way superior under that OS.

I repeat, if you don't consider OS X 10.6 a good upgrade, simply ignore it. We (or I) don't think I have to complain. Are we "sustaining" OS X by paying every year? Maybe. But I rather do that, than have to download a tar.gz with a driver for my video card that may not work. (Linux experience), or have a Windows Vista "SuperFetch™" stuff keep my hard drive spinning constantly while it struggles to cache the "most used applications". I wouldn't even want to mention trying to program Windows API + MFC or .NET…

Don't get me wrong, I respect .NET and Windows (I work with it) but there are days where I HATE it for what it does or does not!

All in all, I consider Win7 the natural choice for Windows enthusiasts. In fact, I replaced all my Windows XP installs with Windows 7 (Except one for testing software). Only 1 vista remains (for the same reason).

If you think Apple should be releasing these "OpenCL, GrandCentral, etc.) stuff as Free APIS, I think you're confusing the purpose of the APIs in the near future.

I repeat myself: Time will tell. In the meantime, I'll save 29€.

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