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Apple At the WWDC today, Apple has lifted the veil on a number of features of its upcoming operating system, Snow Leopard. Most of the work on Snow Leopard has gone into under-the-hood technologies and optimisations, but there are also a number of interface tweaks. The company also updated some of its laptops, while also lowering their prices. We got all the news from
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Snow Leopard's new features are mostly targeted towards professional users. So much for "target audience"... Even home users will appriciate increased performance, usability improvements, ect.

OpenCL, Exchange, 64 bits, etc. aren't cucial for home users, but for only $29 you can't complain, considering the next Vista service pack, called Windows 7, will probably cost more.

Minus the Exchange support, I would say all those features are crucial because they allow better applications to be delivered on the said platform. When the operating system vendor provides more technology to the developer, the developer then has the ability to add features to their applications which benefit me; whether Apple directly or indirectly benefits me with the new operating system - I am still getting something out of it. It therefore leaves me confused when I hear people complain about 'lack of features' when all they are focusing on is the user visible wizz-bang effects rather than what the underlying features can bring by way of better applications in the future.

Edit: rhetoric.sendmemoney registered since 2006 and only made 2 posts; can anyone say 'troll account'? This isn't the first time I've seen it on this site; one hit wonders signing up and then suddenly disappearing - trolling a website to get kicks.

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