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Windows Not too long ago, we ran a story informing you of how the auto-elevation feature in Windows 7 is broken in a way that allows malicious programs to silently gain administrative privileges. We wondered if Microsoft was ever going to fix this one before Windows 7 goes final, and even though we're not there yet, a recent article by Mark Russinovich seems to imply pretty strongly that no, Microsoft is not going to fix this.
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RE[4]: It is the Microsoft way
by shiva on Thu 11th Jun 2009 20:19 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: It is the Microsoft way"
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No. Imagine if you forget your desktop unlocked when you leave your room.

The intruder would not can do administrative tasks because su - would ask the root password. But with sudo he could do everything.

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MamiyaOtaru Member since:

assuming he knows your password? wat?

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sudo asks for the user's password and does not ask for it again until for 5 minutes after the most recent sudo command by default. You can change that using the rootpw (set to ask for root password instead of user password) and timestamp_timeout (set to 0 to always ask for password) options in the sudoers file. See man sudoers or for more information.

Also, sudo -k and -K options "kill" the record of sudo being used recently so the next sudo command will ask for a password. See man sudo or for more information.

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