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OSNews, Generic OSes It really is the week of back-to-core news for OSNews, as we've had news on various smaller operating systems and new projects. Forget Windows 7 and Snow Leopard; in the end this is what we're all here for. Anyway, B Labs has recently announced that version 0.1 of their Codezero microkernel has been released.
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Looking more closely...
by r_tty on Fri 12th Jun 2009 13:01 UTC in reply to "RE: Repeating the past"
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Okay, my apologies, I didn't notice that your system is for ARM only. I would definitely like to clone the git tree and look at your implementation more closely.

I praise the idea of having only the minimum of system calls in the kernel. I tried to clone QNX Neutrino kernel long time ago; I think it grew too much already (~64 syscalls).

I am currently developing a completely new programming system (kind of new language + IDE, but not exactly), and I'm looking for some open microkernel implementation that could become a basis for my own kernel (written in this new language).

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