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Internet Explorer Yesterday, Microsoft dropped a bomb by announcing that all versions of Windows 7 released in Europe would ship without Internet Explorer pre-installed. This was in answer to the EU antitrust investigation currently under way regarding possible illegal bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows. The first reactions to this news are coming in, with Opera and the EU both lamenting the move.
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Linux desktops but IE required. Bless them for the platform choice but it just seems backwards to keep the stiffy over IE like that. Here's hopeing they get over it and fix there webapps.

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Just to be clear, my customers want to use Linux and Epiphany. But we have to do business through 3rd parties' web apps which require IE. My customers, my customers' employees, and I are all victims of those third parties... all of whom are much bigger than we are and don't particularly have to care what we want.

I keep Voodoo dolls of some of their support techs. But stab as I might with the needles, it hasn't seemed to do any good.

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In the end, we have to do what supports the user's needs with as must security as we're able to include. IE only webapps are a horrid thing but suck is the F'd up industry we work in.

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