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Internet Explorer Yesterday, Microsoft dropped a bomb by announcing that all versions of Windows 7 released in Europe would ship without Internet Explorer pre-installed. This was in answer to the EU antitrust investigation currently under way regarding possible illegal bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows. The first reactions to this news are coming in, with Opera and the EU both lamenting the move.
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RE[2]: IE is doomed
by kaiwai on Sat 13th Jun 2009 04:02 UTC in reply to "RE: IE is doomed"
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Micrsoft have been doing business the old way for a long time -- we want you to do everything the 'Microsoft way' -- rather than the new way -- we will give you the (interoperable) standards to do want you want to do.

Internet Explorer has to change from trying to dictate the way developers should code, to supporting the way developers want to code.

Apple realised a long time ago that it's better to be defining standards people want to use, then dictating them. That's why they're very active in contributing to standards. HTML5 and OpenCL to name two.

If Micrsoft want IE to have a future, they need to get in the standards game and realise that it's no longer 'my way or the highway', because we developers have decided to take the highway and do things on our terms now.

Christ, don't say that out too loud - the last time I said something similar I had Thom jump down my back claiming that "Microsoft is changing! it really is! it just takes time! trust me, things are changing!"

Its been 8 years since the release of Windows XP (bring the NT line to the customer) and they had the opportunity to fix things up; they could could have worked with the Kronos group to unify DirectX and OpenGL under an 'open API to rule them all' but they failed to do so. They've failed to go to the open innovation network to sign a memorandum of understanding to point out that their patents were defensive only and those who wish to implement their technology will not be be subject to extortion (being sued into the grave demanding royalties).

Things aren't going to improve until 20+ years of employees are purged out of Microsoft and all future employment requirements include long term experience using non-Microsoft platforms and technologies.

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