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Internet Explorer Yesterday, Microsoft dropped a bomb by announcing that all versions of Windows 7 released in Europe would ship without Internet Explorer pre-installed. This was in answer to the EU antitrust investigation currently under way regarding possible illegal bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows. The first reactions to this news are coming in, with Opera and the EU both lamenting the move.
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No offense, but I think you don't get the point here. The major problem is not that Microsoft is really doing evil.

It's about Microsoft being to big for an open market. Every company with over 50% (or less, depending on the alternatives) of market share holds a monopole, which is bad in the economical system we have these days. Even, if I'm not an MS fan (more a hater) I have to say it's not Microsofts this time. They do, what every company does: They grow.

(Usually a too big company splits sooner or later, but MS being the biggest is too strong)

But as our market system isn't suited for such big companies the EU needs to do everything to prevent unfair advantages. That's their job.

There are no fixed rules for how to deal with every kind of monopole/type of company, because that's simply not possible when there are always new ways to get money and build a company.

That's the reason for these strange things happening. The EU has to do something, because it is one of their jobs, but nobody has ever done such a thing with a market leader in operating systems/browsers.

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