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Opera Software A few days ago Opera launched a placeholder website which said they were going to "reinvent" the web, on June 16. Well, it's June 16, and Opera has announced Opera Unite, a technology which allows individual Opera users to connect to one another, turning every machine running Opera Unite into a web server.
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If I understand this correctly, a user would share all the resources (pictures, music, etc.) right from his/her computer without needing to upload them to any server. OK but this has a huge drawback - what happens when his/her PC is turned off or is offline for some reason?

It if all was that simple, for example, hosting companies would get much less clients than currently because it is very simple to run a web server on your home/office PC..

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The idea behind Unite is that I don’t have to wait one hour for a large file to upload somewhere just to share it with another person. I can just start Unite and give the link to that person. It’s not supposed to host your website.

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Well, I could start Skype or ICQ and share the file too without needing to first upload it to a remote server and I must admit, there is a bit higher chance the other person would have any of those installed already rather than Opera (although I personally use and prefer Opera for browsing)...

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This ain't a drawback, this is an improvement. You are not forced to user rapidshare, or other online services if you'd like to share a song or some pics with your friends.

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for me it would be a drawback because it costs my bandwith whenever I want to distribute a copy. if I upload it it is uploaded once and it can be downloaded many times with a much higher bandwith than with which I originally uploaded it. and really, for the stuff I only upload once any messenger service is more than enough.

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