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Intel Personally, I've always been very confused by Intel's processor branding. Core Duo and Core Solo were pretty straightforward, but not long after we were dealing with Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad, which is anything but marketing friendly. Apparently, Intel agrees with us and has announced a fairly massive branding overhaul.
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Yes, because not only is Core a brand, but core is also a modifier of that same brand. So you get the weird situation where you have two numbers in one name; the "2" which modifies the processor family (Core 2), and "quad" which modifies the number of... Cores. Basically, it's Core 2 Quad-core.

That's just plain weird. They had two options: drop the Core brand, or remove the core modifier from the name. They opted for the latter.

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atom, core, core 2 and core 4...

now that sounds a lot simpler than "core 2 duo core best" which looks like the way they were heading.

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Even worse is that there wasn't just a Core 2 Duo, but also a Core 2 Solo, which was sometimes just called Core 2. This was at a time when the term "Dual Core CPU" was a pretty new one (at least to most people) and thus suggested that a "Core 2" is a dual core CPU. I remember how surprised I was when I read that a plain "Core 2" is a single-core CPU.

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Huh? Core2 dies were dual core from the begining

There was a Core Solo, basically a rebranded Pentium M.

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