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Mozilla & Gecko clones Firefox 3.5RC1 has been released. "Firefox 3.5 (Release Candidate) is based on the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering platform, which has been under development for the past year. Firefox 3.5 offers many changes over the previous version, supporting new web technologies, improving performance and ease of use, and adding new features for users."
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I wish Mozilla would update the interface
by ronaldst on Fri 19th Jun 2009 12:53 UTC
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Even IE7 has a better UI layout. Make use of the sidebar please!

And bring in some nice additions from Chrome like
"Paste and Search" and "Paste and Go." Not to mention the unified location/search text bar. Which is awesome.

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Kroc Member since:

It’s called 3.5 because it isn’t a major change in UI; it’s all under the hood stuff. Any major UI changes should come with Firefox 4. I agree that the UI really needs to shape up and follow Chrome’s example.

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systyrant Member since:

I would check the beta of Opera 10. Pretty nice browser in my opinion.

Lot's of options these days.

I'm sure that list goes on to, but none of any major importance.

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Nephelim Member since:

I'd agree to you if you just included Camino in your list. I bet it's even more used than Konqueror.

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ivaniclixx Member since:

KonquerOr :-D.

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satan666 Member since:

Even IE7 has a better UI layout.

I actually find Firefox layout very nice. Besides Firefox layout is extremely customizable. What stops you from customizing it? You can even make it look like IE if you like, although IE layout is the ugliest of all.
My only complain is that Firefox uses only Gtk in Linux. I'd like to see a Firefox version with Qt because I use KDE.

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UltraZelda64 Member since:

My only complain is that Firefox uses only Gtk in Linux. I'd like to see a Firefox version with Qt because I use KDE.

Actually, my biggest complaint is that Firefox is *not* pure GTK... it's XULrunner/GTK, and that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't slow as a slug. The slimy, gooey kind. A Qt version would certainly be nice for those people who use KDE or prefer Qt applications, but I can live without it. Right now, I think speeding up the GUI is more important than porting it to another platform. It just locks up for several seconds at a time, all the time... especially when navigating the menus and opening or closing tabs.

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Elv13 Member since:

Who use the default Firefox layout anyway?

It is so customizable and expandable that you can do anything with it.

And about unifier search and address bar, the default is "I am lucky" but you can change it to default Google search.

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