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Internet & Networking The relationship between the United States government and ICANN, the private non-profit corporation which oversees the assignment of domain names, has often been a thorn in the eyes of the European Union. A recent document issued by the European Commission again advocates a change in internet oversight - but at the same time, the document also states that ICANN has actually been doing a pretty good job.
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by Michael on Sun 21st Jun 2009 16:59 UTC
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Instead of pretending to engage with the issues here, I'll just cut to the chase and state my political leanings. I'm a liberal socialist non-federalist pro-european.

As a European, I have no influence if ICANN muck me about. As long as that isn't happening, I don't care who they answer to but I'm glad the EU are preparing for other eventualities. Indeed, the fact that ICANN have been playing nice may in part be a defensive move based on the threat of a change in the status quo.

If anyone has any other arguments that aren't based on their own opinion of the organizations involved, I'd be glad to hear them. As for what you think of the US government, the EU or the UN, I really couldn't give a pair of foetid dingo's kidneys.

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RE: Politics
by Tuishimi on Mon 22nd Jun 2009 03:17 in reply to "Politics"
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Foetid dingo kidneys? Ew.

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