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Internet & Networking The relationship between the United States government and ICANN, the private non-profit corporation which oversees the assignment of domain names, has often been a thorn in the eyes of the European Union. A recent document issued by the European Commission again advocates a change in internet oversight - but at the same time, the document also states that ICANN has actually been doing a pretty good job.
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RE[3]: Comment by werfu
by ricegf on Sun 21st Jun 2009 20:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by werfu"
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"Adult content is adult content, you know what I mean."

I most certainly do not, and you KNOW I do not - otherwise, you would not have immediately proceeded to try to define it thus:

"Except in case of science or art, picture of a naked person is adult content..."

So photos of the Holocaust, which are neither science nor art, but history, should be relegated to the .xxx domain? Does this not demonstrate to you unequivocably why you're on a fool's errand here?

You see, the problem with your definition is that it begs the question it tries to answer. What's "art"?What's "science"?

Yes, I thought so. You know THAT when you see it, too.

Sorry, not willing to bet my freedom on a judge "seeing" things the way I do.

"I don't know why we should redefine it now."

We don't have to redefine it now - we have PLENTY of definitions! Even a cursory examination of reality (hint: start with shows that the legal definition of pornography is all over the map in various countries around the world. Heck, do you really think the definition of pornography in San Fransisco, CA and Bovina, MS (which, per the Supreme Court, is defined by "community standards") are the same? Even in the USA we're all over the map!

Thus, trying to legislate "pornography" (whatever THAT is) into a .xxx domain in a worldwide medium such as the Internet is, to use your word, "stupid".

Even as a "religious fanatic" of the Christian persuasion, I'll continue to advocate and fight for liberty on the Internet. It works better every time.

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RE[4]: Comment by werfu
by JAlexoid on Sun 21st Jun 2009 20:51 in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by werfu"
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So photos of the Holocaust, which are neither science nor art, but history, should be relegated to the .xxx domain?

FYI: History is a social science.
So any "photos of the Holocaust" would fall under definition of science.

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