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Graphics, User Interfaces The Engineering 7 weblog has an item about the improvements made in the ClearType font rendering technology which has been included in Windows since Windows XP. While I won't go too deeply into that post, I did figure it was a good opportunity to talk about font antialiasing in general; which type do you prefer?
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Not ClearType
by Toonie on Tue 23rd Jun 2009 22:03 UTC
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I'm sorry, I'm not a big fan of ClearType for 2 reasons. Firstly, because it uses sub-pixel rendering, unless it is 'tuned' to your LCD screen, then the effect is of having colour fringes around the text. This I find hard on my eyes. Secondly, is that even if you do tune ClearType, then if you take a screenshot of the desktop and send it to someone, then they will see the ClearType fonts tuned to 'your' screen, not theirs. I tend to hate sub-pixel anti-aliasing in general, though it looks OK on my Windows Mobile smartphone.

I am rather used to Windows standard anti-aliased rendering, but I agree that FreeType has come along way, and I think I would prefer it if I used Linux for long enough.


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