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Hardware, Embedded Systems The NPD group has done a study into customer satisfaction among netbook buyers, and they came to some surprisingly unsurprising results. As it turns out, people who expected a notebook when they bought a netbook were more likely to be disappointed than buyers who set out to buy a netbook from the get-go. No doodoo, Sherlock.
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USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB card reader, USB sound card, USB CD/DVD drive, and undoubtedly a printer and scanner too. Toss in USB connections for a calculator, GPS, portable music player, PDA...

I use a bluetooth mouse when I need one. USB sound card? Why? I use a remote CD across my network, but do have a USB DVDRW, not that I use it much at all. Usually only during a program's initial install. Most of my apps are internet downloaded these days anyway. Printer and scanner and card reader are all networked. USB calculator? Why does anyone need to plug in a calculator to use it? My GPS is bluetooth.

My Dell mini9 had 3 USB, and this HP Mini 2140 I'm on has 2. It also has a PCIe 54 slot so I have firewire as well.

Most everything you list is available in wireless options, and you are right, if you stick to wired stuff, you are gonna need a ton of USB connections. iMacs only have 3 or 4 USB connectors as well. Netbooks are designed for the net, which you really don't need to plug into. Many folks have gone wireless for a ton of their peripherals these days anyway, so it's not like USB ports are usually in short supply. Most laptops and notebooks also only have 3-4 USB ports.

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