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SkyOS Not too long ago, Robert Szeleney put the development of SkyOS on a temporary hold. The challenges in keeping up with the ever-changing world of hardware support were simply too big to continue SkyOS then-current development model. As a result, Szeleney recently came up with the idea of using a Linux or NetBSD kernel as the base for SkyOS. Well, we've got a progress report on that one, and in true Szeleney fashion, a lot of work has already been done.
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RE: The Point
by Bobthearch on Fri 26th Jun 2009 13:28 UTC in reply to "The Point"
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Using the Linux kernel makes sense, sort of, in order to have access to the large selection of Linux drivers.

But how about the applications? Will the 'new' SkyOS/Linux have original and unique SkyOS applications and tools, or will it use the same applications as every other operating system?

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