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PC-BSD A known and usual problem with alternative operating systems is getting them on normal users' desktops. OEMs won't take you seriously until you gain massive traction, and even then your chances are still pretty low. So, iXsystems, PC-BSD's parent company, decided to take matters into its own hands, and has unveiled a PC-BSD workstation, with a PC-BSD laptop under way.
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RE[2]: Still missing nVidia x64
by CodeMonkey on Tue 30th Jun 2009 12:00 UTC in reply to "RE: Still missing nVidia x64"
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So what then is the appropriate hardware solution for an engineering company who's computing requirements demand 4-8 CPU cores, 8-16GB RAM, and a hefty high performance graphics card for visualization? You're basically stuck with an x64 + nVidia workstation running Linux or Solaris. There's the ATI route but at the moment their open source drivers don't hold a flame to the proprietary drivers, and they're even more platform limited.

Sure it sucks going with the proprietary route, but the requirements are what they are. Telling your customers that your deliverables will take twice as long and cost twice as much because you just didn't "feel right" about buying the equipment necessary to get the job done on time is a laughable excuse at best; you'd never expect to stay in business.

I'm not saying that I like it, in fact quite the opposite. The lack of effective open source solutions in this realm is abysmal. Unfortunately though, that is the current state of affairs.

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