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Mozilla & Gecko clones As was anticipated, the boys and girls at Mozilla have released the final build of Firefox 3.5 today. Firefox 3.5 - originally supposed to be 3.1 - comes with many welcome improvements, chief among which is support for HTML5 audio and video tags.
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RE: Underwhelmed.
by Beta on Tue 30th Jun 2009 19:53 UTC in reply to "Underwhelmed."
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I'm curious if this is just going to be one of the downsides of Firefox - being "completely" open source may mean it will lag behind other available browsers in terms of features.

What are you babbling on about, both Chrome and Safaris engines are ‘open source’ (Webkit), the backend is where the features come from.

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RE[2]: Underwhelmed.
by NathanHill on Tue 30th Jun 2009 20:17 in reply to "RE: Underwhelmed."
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I disagree.

At this point, the rendering engines are all pretty good and steadily updated, so the real features come from UI (Firefox is kind of boring), usability (Firefox is again kind of boring), and security (pretty much neck and neck, although Chrome is going for the win with the sandbox mode). Plugins may let Firefox catch up a bit, but I don't know... I feel like any time I use Firefox, I am going back in time.

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