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Mozilla & Gecko clones As was anticipated, the boys and girls at Mozilla have released the final build of Firefox 3.5 today. Firefox 3.5 - originally supposed to be 3.1 - comes with many welcome improvements, chief among which is support for HTML5 audio and video tags.
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RE: acid3
by Delgarde on Tue 30th Jun 2009 21:57 UTC in reply to "acid3"
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I don't know what to make of the acid3 test. Who is better? Mozilla or webkit? Does Mozilla ignore acid3 and just try to be as standards compliant as possible? Does webkit specifically target acid3?

Yes, the WebKit developers put in quite a lot of effort a while back on achieving that 100% on Acid3 - it was a bit of a race between them and Opera, I recall.

Mozilla never got into that race because at the time, they were in code freeze for FF3.0 - afterwards, they don't seem to have worried about it much, and just picked up points here and there from work on standards conformance, rather than explicitly targeting Acid3. So here they are at 93%, which if not yet perfect, is certainly good enough for most purposes.

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