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OSNews, Generic OSes MS-DOS is an old piece of work, a long line of operating systems dating back to the early '80s. First a stand-alone operating system, it would later work as a base for Windows, and starting with Windows 95, it became integrated with Windows and was no longer developed as a stand-alone operating system. To fill the gap the end of MS-DOS left behind, the FreeDOS project was started. Today, FreeDOS turned 15.
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RE: Happy birthday!
by Rugxulo on Wed 1st Jul 2009 03:42 UTC in reply to "Happy birthday!"
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It's a nice age, so happy birthday. We should only remember that they've spent a lot of time (years) developing this product. And they succeeded. As I remember, it was almost sure some year ago, that the project could be abandoned. But it was not. And that's great.

As someone "in the know", having more contributors these days would be greatly appreciated. There is a serious lack of manpower. Not completely crippling but definitely annoying. At the very least, more testers would be nice (but developers would be cool too).

I'm using FreeDOS for games on my older PCs. It works very good. To be honest, it's also a very good replacement not only for older PCs,

It's very very hard to find up-to-date software that runs on anything less than a 686. I'm no Linux guru, so maybe that hurts my chances, but I can get more software working in FreeDOS than Linux. (Hardware is a different story, but that's not FreeDOS' fault.) Then again, I'm quite picky in what I want to use, and compiling for DOS just seems so much easier.

but also for some dedicated industrial systems, on which we cannot (or maybe rather don't want) use MS-DOS.

Some people still use MS-DOS 6.22! Even DR-DOS 7.03 is old as the hills. I'm not saying FreeDOS 1.0++ is better in every way, but more or less. ;-)

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