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OSNews, Generic OSes MS-DOS is an old piece of work, a long line of operating systems dating back to the early '80s. First a stand-alone operating system, it would later work as a base for Windows, and starting with Windows 95, it became integrated with Windows and was no longer developed as a stand-alone operating system. To fill the gap the end of MS-DOS left behind, the FreeDOS project was started. Today, FreeDOS turned 15.
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RE: good stuff
by Rugxulo on Wed 1st Jul 2009 03:54 UTC in reply to "good stuff"
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congratulations on 15 years of development. To bad many of the projects that were actively developped have stopped like SEAL and Cude (Gui's. also is open GEM still being developed?), mpxplay (audio player), and a few others. Though I must say, I am anxiously awaiting the 1.1 version. If anyone has any experience in pascal I might be willing to resurect my attempts at creating a nice GUI for FreeDOS.

Cude == Qube?? (No idea.)

SEAL supposedly has been (barely) resurrected, but I'm not sure what will come of it, if anything.

Last I heard (a year ago??), a new OpenGem was ready to go, but Shane was too busy to release it.

Mpxplay ain't dead yet, 1.57 alfa 1 was just released last week. :-)

FreePascal for FreeDOS recently got fixed (since the borked 2.2.0 release), and various people use it at BTTR's Forum. (One guy prefers VPC, though!)

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