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Mono Project We've had a lot of debates recently on the merits - or dangers - of Mono. We've had troubles with how Microsoft views Mono and whether or not everyone is safe using it, but we also had a public back-and-forth among Debian maintainers. During all this, Richard Stallman remained pretty mum on the issue, today he broke the silence on the FSF website.
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RE[3]: Clarification
by r_a_trip on Wed 1st Jul 2009 09:01 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Clarification"
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Sun sued Microsoft over the MS-java third party implementation in 1997 and it was settled in 2001. Sun is to my knowledge the only company in the history of software that has ever actually sued anyone over a programming language.

With good cause to boot. MS got a commercial license from Sun to produce a Sun Java compliant MS JVM. MS went ahead and tried to use Embrace Extend Extinguish with their Java implementation to kill Sun Java. Sun Java was at the time a possible threat to MS' desktop stranglehold.

Since MS grossly overstepped the bounds in their license, Sun took them to court after they refused to mitigate their dirty deeds.

Sadly, although MS lost the case, they got what they wanted. Java on the desktop is all but dead.

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