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Mono Project We've had a lot of debates recently on the merits - or dangers - of Mono. We've had troubles with how Microsoft views Mono and whether or not everyone is safe using it, but we also had a public back-and-forth among Debian maintainers. During all this, Richard Stallman remained pretty mum on the issue, today he broke the silence on the FSF website.
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However, since Mono does include patented technologies that are not covered by any promises, and which apparently need a license from Microsoft to be installed on any system, then we are all immeasurably better off not using Mono and Mono applications (or even having any such installed).

Does it? Which patents are those then? Provide the numbers. Additionally when did free software worry about patents so much? has been used, and recently yet no one says we shouldn't have tabbed applications.

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That only patents something where two toolboxes, which at the beginning are visible at the same time, are combined into one tabbed toolbox.

It does not cover webbrowsers, because the web pages aren't toolboxes.

It does not cover sidebars, because you ususally can't display two tabs at the same time.

It might cover, however, the toolboxes and sidebars of applications like Delphi and NetBeans.

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