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OSNews, Generic OSes Today's a slow news day, so I thought it would be a good day to bring up an idea I've been incubating. I've been contemplating launching an OSNews-like site on the topic of Enterprise Computing. Obviously, OSNews covers the OS-related aspects of heavy-duty business, scientific, and academic computing already, and sometimes news on databases, app servers, cloud computing and other related topics too, but a lot of the kind of news that is useful to enterprise IT people falls outside of OSNews' purview, and it's appropriate to keep it that way. But I think that the enterprise IT world could use an OSNews-like site to aggregate and examine the latest news in that sphere. So my question to you, dear OSNews readers, is this: Do you agree? Would you be interested in reading and participating in a site on that topic? Would you be interested in being involved? If so, I'd like to recruit a few editors to help me launch it. Read on for more details. Update: Are there any native Korean speakers who read OSNews? If you are one, and you'd be willing to help me out with a short project, please contact me.
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It seems that the editors are not contactable if one is vision-impaired or blind, as the email addresses are expressed as images, as far as I can tell. I don't see any alternative formats for them, though maybe I am missing something.

Given that I am vision-impaired and I directly know around 10 extremely technological blind people (some with popular news sites of their own), of which at least one reads this site regularly, I think it's reasonable to assume that there must be more of us in the world. Regardless of the number of people; at least two of your readers definitely are being excluded from being able to contact the editors. Naturally, as I am one of them, I feel that this is a shame :-).

It would be much-appreciated if you could make it possible for us to contact the editors.

Thanks for your time.

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2005-11-10 forwards to the whole team, and you can contact me personally at
Apologies if you’ve had any difficulty contacting us.

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Every episode of the podcast since episode 3 has read aloud the email address of the enter crew and there is a contact form that submits to the crew accessible in the header of every single page. In addition, Kroc has published the addresses below.

What other manner would be better?

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Thanks to all who've replied. I am very pleased to see that the editorial team takes this issue seriously -- thanks to all of you for getting back to me :-).

Regarding the podcast -- that's great (unfortunately I haven't got 'round to listening yet, but I am a subscriber). I'm sure you'll agree that it shouldn't be required to listen to the podcast to get email addresses, which leads us on to the second point you made, and where something odd has stopped me from noticing the links you mention that are on every page...

I see now that you are absolutely right regarding the contact link. The funny thing is it took me searching the site source code to find it... Due to the increased text size I have imposed on Safari, the links wrap around and the "FAQs" and "Contact" links actually come /below/ the dark-background link bar on my screen. Because the text of the links is almost the same colour as the main page background, I have never seen them :-). Ironically, it is my blind friends that would never have noticed this and would have been able to access that page with less trouble :-D.

Anyway, that clears a lot of things up. Thanks again, to all of you for the input.

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You should also be able to use the private message feature, which isn't any less friendly to the vision-impaired than any other web form.

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