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Amiga & AROS While I'm still chipping away at my AmigaOS 4.1/sam440ep review (try writing a thesis and a large review at the same time), Cloanto released AmigaForever 2009. AmigaForever is a very full-featured AmigaOS emulation tool, packed with various different ROMs and AmigaOS versions (1.3-3.x), as well as tons and tons of included games, software, and demos. This new version comes with even more stuff.
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RE: It's good
by rico001 on Sat 4th Jul 2009 21:30 UTC in reply to "It's good"
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RE[2]: It's good
by Bobthearch on Sun 5th Jul 2009 17:10 in reply to "RE: It's good"
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I've used Classic99 before, and it works. I've also used the V9T9 emulator for the Ti99/4a computer. Worked OK too.

There are Atari emulators, at least for the 2600 game systems. I've had a lot of luck with those - actually played the games better than the commercial retro game packs.

A quick search shows that there are quite a few emulators for the Atari ST and their other computer systems. I've no experience with them...

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RE[3]: It's good
by wawrzyn on Mon 6th Jul 2009 19:29 in reply to "RE[2]: It's good"
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My recommendations on Atari ST emulation:

- Steem - on MS Windows. It even emulates much more than real hardware was able to do ;-) Really great!
- Hatari - on *nix and especially GNU/Linux. The best emulator ever for me. I have this one installed on my PS3 running YDL 6.1 and on my main workstation (it's notebook of course, today) which is running Slackware 12.2. I can highly recommend this emulator for all GNU/Linux users.

And there is a piece of art. It's not an emulator in fact. It's a JIT compiler which allows us to run 16/32-bit Atari software on our PC's. It's called Aranym (Atari Running on Any Machine). This project really impressed me. It's just great, especially if you'll try bootable version based on GNU/Linux distribution, called AFROS (it's Live CD). But be aware, Aranym is not developed with running games in mind. It's rather for power users and developers - for example, you can install/use MiNT operating system on it.

Check it out:

I was talking about Ataris, but I'm inspired by the news presented here and if I could recommend something interesting from Amiga world, it would be:

Remember! Both 16/32-bit Amigas and 16/32-bit Ataris were great machines. Thanks to them many of us are now professional IT workers and even more (graphic artists, musicians etc.)... Comparing them to decide which one was better is stupid and good for kids. Both platforms were great in their own way, and in fact both had their own niches. It's not fair to compare such a great machines, it's like comparing beauty of a woman - gentlemen shouldn't do that. All women are beautiful, the rest is a question of our own tastes. I hope you got my idea - we shouldn't make any flame wars here, the better idea is to celebrate the starts from the past, all our Ataris and Amigas (and others, which are important to others ;-)

Greetings to all the guys having sentiment to the old computing platforms!

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