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ReactOS The team behind ReactOS, the NT-compatible open source operating system, have released ReactOS 0.3.10, which comes with many improvements aimed towards making it easier to run ReactOS on real hardware.
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I've requested video be taken down whilst the audio is edited. It will be back up once complete.

Appologies for any inconvenience.

...because turning down your volume was too inconvenient? I never get offended by things I can simply tune out.

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gedmurphy Member since:

no, it's just about common decency and trying to maintain a professional look.
Not everyone wants to be greeted by a flurry of F and N words and it's a little irresponsible to expect children to just 'turn the volume down'

Anyway, the revised video is now up. Again, appologies for any inconvenience.

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sbergman27 Member since:

Not everyone wants to be greeted by a flurry of F and N words and

My sensibilities were far more offended by the "music" itself than by any lyrics.

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kragil Member since:

Cool stuff.

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Phloptical Member since:

Oooh...the children, the children. God forbid the "children" hears something that they might not understand. The ruination of this country (US) is precisely because of "the children".

On topic....Kudos to ReactOS team. Looking forward to Beta!!!!

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Thank you for the video. I'm going to have to give ReactOS another try soon.

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