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Mono Project We've already seen some heavy discussion on Mono and C# here on OSNews the past few weeks, as it became clear the patent situation regarding the ECMA parts of Mono was anything but faith inspiring. This issue seems to be resolved now: Microsoft has made a legally binding promise not to sue anyone who uses or distributes implementations of said ECMA standards. Following this news, Mono will be split in two; the ECMA standard parts, and the rest.
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As someone with rather deep suspicions about the Mono/.Net patent situation in the past, I would like to first of all give credit where credit is due and say "kudos" to the Mono devs and to Microsoft for taking this (first, big) step towards clearing the legal situation.

In a different parallel universe, I would write endless lines, woundering about why this took so damn long, how this is supposed to be big news since the Mono folks always pointed out that the ECMA specified part was safe from patent threats and everybody doubting this clearly had to be a MS/Mono/Novell hater or even worse a KDE user, etc.

But this development is causing optimistic feelings, and I try to enjoy this unfamiliar emotions as long as they last :-)

Since wearing a tinfoil hat sooner or later grows into a full - time occupation, I would like to wait for comments and analysis from other stakeholders (particularily the SFLC / Mr. Kuhn, FSF, RedHat and Fedora etc. ) before I pop the champange, though.

And while we are at it / at the risk of sounding ungratious and while the MS lawyer seems to be in the house: Could somebody please ask MS to clarify the therms of their Silverlight/Moonlight patent promise? Whenever I feel the need to get dizzy cheaply and legally, I only have to read the passages about who qualifies for a patent license.

PS.: Out of sheer ignorance: Is there any testing suite / documented and freely available reference implementation which can be used to gauge whether a specific implemenation is conformant to the standard or not? Thanks in advance

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