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Legal It was more or less not a question of if, but when, and now we're here: the US Department of Justice is said to launch an investigation into the US telecommunications industry to see if the two biggest players, AT&T and Verizon, are abusing their market position. Even though Apple is not a target for the probe, the usually trustworthy Wall Street Journal states that the iPhone/AT&T deal will also come under scrutiny [subscr. req.].
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RE[3]: Wow, so attractive...
by StephenBeDoper on Wed 8th Jul 2009 00:55 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wow, so attractive..."
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Their pricing has improved a bit, as I acknowledged in another comment. They probably weren't thrilled about the "publicity" that CBC gave them, by pointing out that Canada was the 2nd most expensive place in the world to own an iPhone (and 1st, after an initial promotion expired).

They don't seem to have upgraded data plans for older phones, though. E.g., my aging Treo still seems to have the $15 for 1.5 MB/month plan.

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