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Bugs & Viruses In the past several days, it appears that at least 35 US- and South Korea-based websites were under attack by a botnet group of computers, causing the attacked domains to become very slow and unresponsive and even putting many out of commission for periods of time. Among the domains were many government websites of their respective countries. It's unconfirmed as to where exactly the attack is being launched from, but South Korean officials believe it to be North Koran forces or those sympathetic to their cause.
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North Korea's computer world
by neticspace on Wed 8th Jul 2009 21:33 UTC
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If it this was really perpetuated by North Korea, then there is no need to be shocked. (Official North Korean computer science corporation)

North Korea has a pool of professional hackers and they can perpetuate an internet-based attack or espionage very secretively with relative success.

But here's the interesting part: North Korean programmers have made a computer game AI, Korean-Japanese-English translation software, voice recognition software, medical task software, etc.

For someone who knows quite well about this, North Korea is not in a shape to conduct a full-fledge war in real life.

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Wow, the People's Republic of Korea never ceases to amaze me.
It turns out they are selling their OCR software commercially in Japan with all the bombs flying over our heads.
You gotta love US Embargos.

At least they could be good Communists and release the source code under the ISC license.

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neticspace Member since:

At least they could be good Communists and release the source code under the ISC license.

North Korea is not Communist, but Socialist with Korean characteristics (AKA Juche ideology). It's very sad that people don't know very much about North Korea, especially Westerners.

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