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Google Google's recent move of revealing the Chrome OS to a suspecting public has put a great many people on alert. Some say it's a major privacy issue, some say Google oughtn't to become more and more monopolistic, while others think that the wide array of popular Linux distributions shouldn't become even more fragmented than it already is. "Google's decision to create its own Linux distribution and splinter the Linux community decisively once again can only be seen as foolhardy and self-obsessive. Instead of treading its own path, Google should have sought to leverage the stellar work already carried out by Mark Shuttleworth and his band of merry coders and tied its horse to the Ubuntu cart."
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no thanks ubuntu, i have debian
by stabbyjones on Thu 9th Jul 2009 05:56 UTC
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Does that mean Red Hat, Debian, Slackware and all other distro's have a rumble to decide who has the right to be called 'Linux'?

Fragmentation doesn't hurt, Not everyone wants to be locked down,

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You forgot that for the mainstream IT press, Ubuntu is largely already a synonym for Linux ;) .

Lesson learned: it is all about perception. Pour enough money into marketing and hype, lure enough Lenin's "useful idiots", and technically lesser product can be made superior in terms of market share.

Some cynical people would even say that this applies to Linux generally... (Or Windows? Apple?)

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You forgot that for the mainstream IT press, Ubuntu is largely already a synonym for Linux

At the moment. It wasn't that many years ago when Red Hat was synonymous with Linux. And in a few years time there will probably be some new darling distro will be the new synonym for Linux.

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no, thanks, i don't use a distribution who have only marketing people...

sorry contribution is important

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