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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y During the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, Richard M. Stallman of the Free Software Foundation (and the Superfluous Introduction Award goes to...) gave a keynote speech. Said keynote speech raised a few eyebrows in the Free software community because of a number of questionable remarks regarding women in technology. David "Lefty" Schlesinger, member of the GNOME Advisory Board and active in the mobile open source community, took issue with RMS' remarks and decided to call him out on it. The response he got was... Less than satisfying.
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Why is it that the more prominent open source figures are just arrogant?

Like RMS...

and Theo de Raadt (total loser)

Theo de Raadt is a "total loser"???

Quick scan of the Wikipedia article:

* founder of openbsd, which is FREE
* creator of openssh, which you're using if you use ssh
* came up with "NetBSD"
* co-ported NetBSD to sparc
* "talented" hacker
* security "guru"
* vocal advocate of free software
* strong proponent of free speech
* lobies for free drivers to the people

How about: "In particular, de Raadt has worked to convince wireless hardware vendors to allow the firmware images of their products to be freely redistributed. These efforts have been largely successful..."

"For this de Raadt was awarded the Free Software Foundation's 2004 Award for the Advancement of Free Software."

So, a software security expert, an extremely proficient coder, and a guy who isn't afraid to speak his mind.

Just like RMS and Linus.

And you call them "losers"...

Now, let's hear what you've done for the world, Jason. guys...

N.B. If you're not using ssh, why are you talking about software and the people writing it at all?

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