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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "This follow-up to the previously published article 'Ubuntu: Derivative or Fork?' takes into account most of everything that has been posted as a reaction to the first article to present a general opinion and compare them with facts derived from various resouces. You'll see that peace can be achieved between these two, and ultimately any GNU/Linux group out there."
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RE[10]: "Freedom"
by stew on Wed 28th Sep 2005 04:56 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: "Freedom""
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"The goal is to ensure that people can use their computers in liberty. Allowing mixing of proprietary and Free Software would be detrimental to this goal."

You are not trying to tell me that "not allowing certain things" == "liberty", are you? Tell me that I am misreading your post.

"So what's the point in providing free (as in freedom) software plugins for an unfree application, since the whole point behind Free Software is freedom and those users aren't really any more free by having a free plug in attached to an unfree application."

The point is creating software that enables users to do things they want to do. Computers are supposed to aid humans, and I appreciate everything that increases our possibilities of what we can do with computers. I don't see how this is would be less "freedom" than having software licensing that imposes restrictions that forbid me to create certain kinds of software.

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