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Google Even though everyone's talking about it, fact of the matter is that Google's Chrome OS is currently nothing more than an internet announcement, with a supposed release date of somewhere in 2010. Google chief executive Eric Schmidt has now stated that netbooks running Chrome OS could appear as early as this year. In addition, Schmidt also talked about his position at Apple's board of directors.
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I think Google is looking very closely at the upcoming techs in the Linux world.

They could combine their package management with BtrFS snapshots and be fairly safe. If you turn of the machine while an update gets installed it just goes back to the last snapshot and installs again.

Similarly they will probably use all the fast boot enhancements and I guess kernel mode setting etc.

What I don't get is if they intended to build their own OS all along based on Linux why didn't they work more upstream. Without Andrew Morton Googles contributions are pretty meaningless. They could have been in a much better position now .. I guess they aren't as strategic as everybody thinks.

Let's hope Chrome OS will change that.

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