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Google Even though everyone's talking about it, fact of the matter is that Google's Chrome OS is currently nothing more than an internet announcement, with a supposed release date of somewhere in 2010. Google chief executive Eric Schmidt has now stated that netbooks running Chrome OS could appear as early as this year. In addition, Schmidt also talked about his position at Apple's board of directors.
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What I am keen to see is HOW their software updates are installed. Chrome does them for you without so much as a 'hello world'.

I can see the benefits of this in a browser (keeps it secure and up to date) worst case update fails, you use another browser

With an OS.. update fails, pc (office?) out of commission!

Android offers you a choice, so clearly Google are wise to the fact that more sophisticated / critical software needs downtime to perform updates.

However, Google also say in one of their PRs that Chrome OS won't need system / security updates like Windows does. Now given that there's no such thing as a finished OS (security holes and bugs are always found (and fixed) and code optimisations are thought up), I find it hard to believe that Google wouldn't be releasing service packs of some description.
So maybe they intend to hide it from the users?

I guess the only way to know for sure is to wait and see.

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