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Google Even though everyone's talking about it, fact of the matter is that Google's Chrome OS is currently nothing more than an internet announcement, with a supposed release date of somewhere in 2010. Google chief executive Eric Schmidt has now stated that netbooks running Chrome OS could appear as early as this year. In addition, Schmidt also talked about his position at Apple's board of directors.
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RE[4]: can't wait
by kaiwai on Sun 12th Jul 2009 22:00 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: can't wait"
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How about getting a computer on every desk, in every home? I find that a pretty big innovation.

Oh Jesus f--king Christ, I can't believe that of all people you're suckered into this "Microsoft created the PC revolution" horse shit. If Microsoft didn't exist then Apple, Atari, Amstrad or some other vendor would have taken the position of Microsoft. 20 years ago computers were accessible; hell, I remember in my area alone filled with lower middle to middle income people owning Amiga 500's and swapping disks to get the latest games.

So please, don't humour me with this horse shit that some how we should be all bending over and worshipping Microsoft for something that was an inevitable - Microsoft were in the right place at the right time with competitors too inept to do anything about it.

In addition, they pioneered the model where software is not tied to the hardware (very uncommon when they started in the home business), which played a major - if not the only - role in making computing affordable.

Make computers affordable! what a monumental load of absolute horse shit. I remember in Australia in 1988 when the cost of a PC at the best of times was at least 2 times the amount of an Amiga and didn't even do 10% of what an Amiga could accomplish.

So please, cut the crap - I don't know what the f--k you've been smoking but the reality is that 20 years ago the PC was an over priced novelty that only gained any traction because, as I said, the competitors were so shocking at getting their stuff into the enterprise. It is the enterprise that dictates the direction of the end user - if the enterprise is using PC's, then by crikey, end users will be doing the same thing.

I've cut the rest of your post because it adds nothing to the discussion what so ever. Windows 7 is an abortion when it comes to UI consistency; 8 generations of widget kits, numerous different look and feels, no consistent short cut keys - different with each application. Its a disaster area and in the 20 years it has existed Microsoft hasn't raised a damn finger to address those issues.

Yes, I want my damn operating system to look eye pleasing and well designed both at the core and the UI level - Microsoft fails monumentally when compared to the effort that volunteers put in when compared to GNOME. At least in the case of GNOME they make an effort to conform to some sort of HIG, and when HIG violations are found in applications, the issues are addressed rather than ignored for 3 release cycles.

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