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OSNews, Generic OSes Even though news has been slow the entire week due to the fact that it's summer and people are more interested in vacation than in technology news, we still had a lot of interesting stuff this week. Google obviously captured the headlines with its Chrome OS, but we also talked about Mono, Richard Stallman, and many other things.
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Google this, google that
by invent00r on Sun 12th Jul 2009 23:54 UTC
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Yeah, there's so much covering over Google this week that was sickening!

Not blaming Thom who does a great jobs reporting news, but everyone else all the sudden wanting to join in the Google OS hoax! (Tho Chromium Gets Native Theming on Linux was a bit unnecessary too)

Anyways, I hope next week is google-free. ;)

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RE: Google this, google that
by Eddyspeeder on Mon 13th Jul 2009 10:57 in reply to "Google this, google that"
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I first have to admit that I am rather fond of Google and most of their services. So for me, Google news is good news. But I wonder about why people don't like to see news on Google, can't you just ignore it and read the other articles? Granted, not everyone uses Google (maybe Search though), but not everyone uses Linux either. And I can recall weeks filled with Linux news. You don't hear people complain about those weeks!

I'm not surprised Google manage to hit the news (even though I agree, the native theming announcement is a bit over the top indeed). Google deploy new services quite frequently. I'm already looking forward to Waves (which looks quite a bit like IRC mixed with a feature ICQ already had years ago).

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