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OSNews, Generic OSes Even though news has been slow the entire week due to the fact that it's summer and people are more interested in vacation than in technology news, we still had a lot of interesting stuff this week. Google obviously captured the headlines with its Chrome OS, but we also talked about Mono, Richard Stallman, and many other things.
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RE[10]: Mono
by michi on Mon 13th Jul 2009 13:55 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Mono"
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I see your lack of knowledge of WinForms and WPF, delegates allow more than just the MVC, like The MVP, MVVP, it is more extensible.

You compare apples with oranges. You can use delegates to create MVC applications, but that does not mean your controls will automatically get MVC just because C# has delegates. WinForms and also WPF do not use MVC for lists, trees and tables (actually this is not quite corrent, there is a virtual mode for at least lists, but it is more of a joke compared to MVC in Swing).

But please, don't say one is better than the other when you clearly don't have the experience, your hate to MS just makes you jump to inaccurate conclutions.

I work for a company that primarily develops applications on .Net, so please stop telling me that I don't have experience with .Net and that I hate MS. But I know many different languages and GUI toolkits and from a technical POV C# is neither the best language I know, nor does .Net have the best class library. In my opinion, Windows.Forms is the worst GUI toolkit I know. WPF is a huge step in the right direction, but it also lacks in certain areas.

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