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Amiga & AROS So we finally meet! You can't imagine how hard I've tried to get my hands on a machine that could run AmigaOS 4 in all its glory. I've never used the Amiga before - not during its heydays, and not during its afterglow - so it meant an unexplored world for me. You can imagine my excitement when ACube Systems, makers of the sam440ep board that runs AmigaOS 4.1, offered a review machine to me, built around their own PowerPC sam440ep flex motherboard.
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Excellent review
by fretinator on Tue 14th Jul 2009 16:15 UTC
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What an excellent review! Instead of the usual - I did this and here is a screenshot - you really got down to the heart of the matter. And you did it without being judgmental. Nice! I hope they doubled the usual $10000 EUR reviewer fee. It was worth it.

I personally feel the same about EComstation - OS/2 on Oxygen! It's cool that there is still life out there in the OS/2 world, but what kind of life is it? Is it worth the price? Well, if you have glorious memories of OS/2 of yore (which I do), it might be worth it. But most would find it not all that useable.

However, as you mentioned in your conclusion, I'm glad there are companies out there who keep these things alive. It could be quite boring without them. I think I'll go mess around with my Tandy 200 laptop this weekend. I've gotta get that thing onto my Lan...

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RE: Excellent review
by wawrzyn on Tue 14th Jul 2009 21:03 in reply to "Excellent review"
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According to the OS/2... Have you heard about Delphi based trojan/backdoor software (called sometimes, improperly, a virus) that is installed in some cash machines running Windows XP? It's a fact right now. It's good to mention, that security experts were warning that changing the OS/2 for Windows XP as an OS for cash machines a couple of years ago is highly insecure. With especially prepared electronic card you can invoke the trojan interface, you can operate with the "new functions" of compromised cache machine, you can even print all the stolen data using internal printer!!! So... Why am I saying about that?

Maybe there is a niche (at least there was, but I think nothing is lost still) for ecommstation? It would be a reasonable replacement for OS/2? And probably it would be not possible to develop such a trojan application to compromise ecommstation cash machines...

I think there are some chances for ecommstation still.

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