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Google Even though everyone's talking about it, fact of the matter is that Google's Chrome OS is currently nothing more than an internet announcement, with a supposed release date of somewhere in 2010. Google chief executive Eric Schmidt has now stated that netbooks running Chrome OS could appear as early as this year. In addition, Schmidt also talked about his position at Apple's board of directors.
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RE[2]: Innovation really?
by akrosdbay on Tue 14th Jul 2009 16:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Innovation really?"
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First, Google doesn't hold a monopoly position in the OS industry, so they are free to include everything they want in it, not to mention that the OS is open source. Also, it seems this OS *is* the browser, so you can't really separate the two like in Windows' case.

Google is a monopoly in online Ad and search business. The OS is not the browser. There is a linux kernel that boot straps the browser which is a Google product. There is no indication that a competing browser will be available on Chrome OS. So it is much worse than the windows case. At least you could run other browsers on Windows.

If Google wants to maintain their security spiel they may prevent other browsers from being deployed on Chrome OS. I think they want to treat it like an appliance and tightly control it.

Second, you will be able to use non-Google apps as well. Think of webOS.

The other Apps are called websites which already work on netbooks today.

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