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BeOS & Derivatives It seems like only yesterday when Haiku was nothing more than a mere promise. Oh how the times have changed, as evidenced by yesterday's news: Colin Guenther has ported the FreeBSD WiFi stack to Haiku, and managed to get a connection, browse the internet, and download a large file.
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Now that's a wonderful news! I'm waiting anxiously for Haiku to be as stable as rock and as usable as any *BSD, or even Syllable systems. Today it isn't quite stable, but what can you expect from the system that doesn't even have an installer yet? Anyways - I really admire their work, although I think that the project suffers from lack of the secure code [not mentioning some of the services that are turned on by default]. They are good programmers and they should have known about the security being process, not a point in the future.

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"but what can you expect from the system that doesn't even have an installer yet?"

What an odd statement to read considering that I have used the Haiku 'Installer' to create my last three bootable Haiku drives.

And incase you have not heard 'DriveSetup' creates HaikuFS partitions too.

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We are talking about the real-life CD installer here, not some hackish scripts to create pre-alpha bootcd, or qemu/vmware images.
I as well installed it onto many drives, but this is still TESTING, not a real-life use and I'm sure you are aware of this.

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