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Amiga & AROS So we finally meet! You can't imagine how hard I've tried to get my hands on a machine that could run AmigaOS 4 in all its glory. I've never used the Amiga before - not during its heydays, and not during its afterglow - so it meant an unexplored world for me. You can imagine my excitement when ACube Systems, makers of the sam440ep board that runs AmigaOS 4.1, offered a review machine to me, built around their own PowerPC sam440ep flex motherboard.
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Shutdown time is 0 seconds: really ?
by leo_ on Wed 15th Jul 2009 07:26 UTC
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>A sidenote: shutdown time is 0 seconds. You just... Press the power button

No you don't...

1. First you check that some data you put into RAMDisk needs to be saved or not

2. Then you make sure no software is writting something into your hardisk, cause if it's the case, you'll *loose* the content.

And only then you press the power button.

It's way more than 0 seconds. And you actually do what's the operating system is doing for you in other systems... You can skip that, but you may (and will) loose files.

As for the spacial paradigm, I don't think anyone working in AmigaOS since 1985 ever thought it like that... It has just been implemented this way (as someone pointed out, a lot of things work like this because in 85 you have no harddrive, etc..) and never got updated.

Where you are right is that developers are clearly targetting classic old time users. And thus, won't make any major changes to the way things work. Even though a lot of things are broken... because most users are against evolution. "Having something different won't make it Amiga. Even if it's better."

Like you have to be able to shut it down by pressing shutdown button, even though you may lose data...

They also won't add memory protection,.. because that would mean breaking compatibility, and the old amiga user wants to run his 15 years program, transparently. He wants that better than an improved secured OS...

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