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BeOS & Derivatives It seems like only yesterday when Haiku was nothing more than a mere promise. Oh how the times have changed, as evidenced by yesterday's news: Colin Guenther has ported the FreeBSD WiFi stack to Haiku, and managed to get a connection, browse the internet, and download a large file.
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Awesome. How well does Haiku support your AA1 hardware. I have an Asus 1000HE, wouldn't mind giving it a shot.

Pretty well I must say. Note that this one has the Intel 945 chipset, as opposed to the new GMA950 which has issues due to a completely different graphics chip. I bought one of the AOA150's (with the 8.9" screen) that I picked up for $260 at Frys.

The video and HDA sound worked great out of the box, as did the integrated network (forget which chip that is offhand - probably ipro or realtek).

It seems to work with both the old ide bus_manager and the new ata bus_manager (not part of the default image yet). Boots up immediately and is awesome out of the box. Mine has the 160gb HD.

It has Atheros wireless, but I have yet to try Colin's prototype stack on it yet... I have a feeling it won't work immediately, based on other experiences I've heard.

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Sounds like progress. Maybe someday I can have OpenSolaris (no wifi yet), Linux, BSD and Haiku booting on it. Why? Because I want to!

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