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Linux One of the problem with operating system updates is that you often need to reboot the system. While this is nothing but a minor nuisance for us desktop users, it's a bigger problem when it comes to servers. Ksplice is a technology that allows Linux kernel patches to be applied without actually restarting the kernel.
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RE[2]: Already in NT.
by kaiwai on Thu 16th Jul 2009 01:12 UTC in reply to "RE: Already in NT."
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Except on NT you probably need to reboot to install the new components in the first place because files are in use and are therefore locked (which is a major design flaw in NT compared to *nix systems).

That is the one thing I hate about Windows - the stupid idea of locking files; who ever designed such a stupid principle needs to be fired from Microsoft because it lacks all degree of common sense. It not only effects the kernel but try uninstalling applications where the application fails to unload the shared libraries resulting in locked files that results in a whole heap of crap left over when uninstalling.

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