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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "This follow-up to the previously published article 'Ubuntu: Derivative or Fork?' takes into account most of everything that has been posted as a reaction to the first article to present a general opinion and compare them with facts derived from various resouces. You'll see that peace can be achieved between these two, and ultimately any GNU/Linux group out there."
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RE[10]: "Freedom"
by on Wed 28th Sep 2005 10:16 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: "Freedom""

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i value freedom of thought, freedom of expression/speech, freedom of movement. I also value a lack of freedom from a moral code of behavior, freedom to intrude on anothers space,etc,etc. I understand that freedom is supposed to imply a glorious context understtod by all but I fear it has beeb that and become an emotional button.

It appears that men are indeed dieing around an empty call of "spreading FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY to all the world".

regarding free software. it is free only if the person who invented it, lets it free. I STRONGLY believe that what I produce with my mind, even if it began with the thoughts of others, is mine to do with what I wish. WHAT RIGHT does anyone else have to it?? I will die for my right to own what i produce. I have nothing against generous ones who give it away, I am generous myself. BUT I reserve the right of ownership of my mind and hands and what they produce.

regarding the ownership of natural resources; the earth, air, minerals. all private ownership of such began with theft. I will also die for my right to have my share of the universes resources be it land, air, minerals. The American Native who questioned the European confescation of land was looking from the correct moral standpoint. anything else gives right to the physically strong over the physically week and if you believe in that then you can have your fascist dicatator and i feel sorry for you.

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