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OSNews, Generic OSes It's time for another "OSNews asks" item. This time, I want to focus on something that I've been wanting to talk about with you all before, but never found the time for. The question is simple: which feature(s) from other operating systems would you like to see in your own main operating system?
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RE: Datatypes
by frajo on Thu 16th Jul 2009 11:08 UTC in reply to "Datatypes"
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The Amiga had them in the early 90s, the rest of the OS world still doesn't as far as I can tell. File associations are [i]still decided by the filename suffix, rather than by the actual content.[/i]

We have them, since at least 1995, in eComStation aka OS/2. Of course, users are free to define associations based on filename suffixes, too. But generally, you don't need filename suffixes because to every data file object a "file type" is assigned on which associations with program objects are based.

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RE[2]: Datatypes
by jack_perry on Thu 16th Jul 2009 20:22 in reply to "RE: Datatypes"
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Much as I'd like to insist I was right, I was wrong--thanks guys.

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