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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "This follow-up to the previously published article 'Ubuntu: Derivative or Fork?' takes into account most of everything that has been posted as a reaction to the first article to present a general opinion and compare them with facts derived from various resouces. You'll see that peace can be achieved between these two, and ultimately any GNU/Linux group out there."
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RE: Babble Babble
by raver31 on Wed 28th Sep 2005 12:22 UTC in reply to "Babble Babble"
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Even better, running FOSS software allows users to retain their dignity. They aren't reduced to being developing-world supplicants receiving cut-price software handouts from Big Bill and his gang.

yes, the one pc in 3rd world village might be a 386 with 48mb or ram, but at least it can run a modern distro, with a good window manager and free apps.
And I mean FREE as in BEER apps.
The whole village can have the experience for zero dineros, legally too !
but if they were to use windows, then if they were to use a decent amount of software, if legal, it would cost too much.
and that cut down version of xp that runs 3 apps or something like that, is purely an insult to all of the 3rd world.

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