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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless For a while now, the Palm Pre and its webOS have been out and about, but the accompanying App Catalog remained remarkably empty, because Palm had not yet opened its software development kit for everyone. The SKD was leaked not too long ago, and today Palm has announced the official release of the Mojo SDK for everyone who wants to get their hands on it. It includes a webOS emulator.
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RE[3]: Comment by amjith
by tyrione on Fri 17th Jul 2009 05:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by amjith"
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I think these may be the reasons "tryione" don't like Palm WebOS SDK:
1) Its free
2) Its available for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)
3) Install any developed applications using the SDK (the developer hack, read No need to sign-up developer program for 99$

I think one like to pay 99$ and don't like free stuff.

I installed the SDK and looked at the documentation. It looks fairly straight forward.


I'm not impressed because for all it's hype it's APIs are thin and there are other SDKs one can use that do far more, especially using MVC, while not becoming a glorified web head for a smartphone--ironic in that label.

They weren't ready for their SDK [or at least I hope that is a fact] along the lines of Trolltech's Qt or Android so for all the hype you get a thin web api set.

This is a joke. I expected more from a billion dollar corporation than what could have easily been developed by a bunch of college students doing their undergraduate projects.

Clearly, there is much more under the hood than they are revealing and people bitched about Apple and it's webapps.

Grow up. They realize they aren't there and anyone who thought they would be so soon has never worked at an operating system company.

I don't know what Rubenstein was thinking, but you'd expect that he'd have learned from the decade working with Cocoa technologies [oops I forgot! He never did! He just worked on hardware; I meant to say around Cocoa technologies] that he'd have hired some of that talent to produce something, albeit a subset of the power of Cocoa for the Palm Pre.

Clearly Android and Apple don't have to worry about those killer applications arriving any time soon.

iPhone 3.1 only extends Apple's lead.

And anyone who thinks $99/$250 for a commercial license/enterprise license to sell apps they expect to make a living on is expensive should save themselves the trouble of being in the IT Industry.

Then again if you are going to buy a Palm Pre and bitch an iPhone is too expensive I'm glad you're not on the platform.

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RE[4]: Comment by amjith
by adkilla on Fri 17th Jul 2009 08:56 in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by amjith"
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Are you for real?

Beyond the core APIs you referenced, there are also other sets of APIs. One is the Widget API and the other is the Services API.

Here is the Widget API reference:

Now have a look at the Services API:

Is there anything in the above Services API that makes you think that you know more than a multi-million dollar corporation?


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