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Hardware, Embedded Systems How does the Alpha Geek establish dominance over the other techies in the herd? With a self-consciously old fashioned, expensive, and fussy computer accessory, of course! We take a look at the Das keyboard and see if it's that much better than the mushy crap keyboard that came bundled with your Dell.
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RE: Comment by Almafeta
by bluedodo on Sun 19th Jul 2009 00:29 UTC in reply to "Comment by Almafeta"
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"But PS/2 ports are only still around because Wintel PC users are hopelessly nostalgic
(And because Windows Vista doesn't recognize USB keyboards before the logon screen, so ever want to choose among boot options or boot into Safe Mode, you need to get a PS/2 keyboard to do so... but I digress.) "
That's bullshit learn how to set your bios options, this isn't a windows only problem. Don't use your lack on knowledge as an excuse to bash Vista.

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RE[2]: Comment by Almafeta
by Andre on Mon 20th Jul 2009 09:12 in reply to "RE: Comment by Almafeta"
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what's this BIOS option called? Legacy PS/2 Emulation?

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RE[2]: Comment by Almafeta
by Soulbender on Mon 20th Jul 2009 09:15 in reply to "RE: Comment by Almafeta"
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He's technically right though. Most OS's can not use USB keyboards that early.
That can usually be fixed with the Legacy USB option though.

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