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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "This follow-up to the previously published article 'Ubuntu: Derivative or Fork?' takes into account most of everything that has been posted as a reaction to the first article to present a general opinion and compare them with facts derived from various resouces. You'll see that peace can be achieved between these two, and ultimately any GNU/Linux group out there."
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Ubuntu and Robinhood
by rakamaka on Wed 28th Sep 2005 13:27 UTC
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For years and years OSS community blamed MS for stealing DOS, Apple GUI, .net, browser and what not!
look at linux distros now. aren't they are stealing directly or indirectly something from debian. Then putting old wine in new bottle and shipping..
maybe stealing is harsh word related to money but these distros are definitely stealing or fleecing debian to gain fame and one fine day they will claim entire linux as if they developed everything from scratch.
Think why businessman like Mark will invest millions $$$ in Ubuntu unless he has some profit or money making plans??
There must be some ulterior motive....just matter of time to get exposed....

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RE: Ubuntu and Robinhood
by raver31 on Thu 29th Sep 2005 15:10 in reply to "Ubuntu and Robinhood"
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no wait involved...
mark shuttleworth firmly nailed his agenda to the door.
He set up a separate company to provide support to companies who adopt ubuntu. This is a separate entity from the company who produces ubuntu.
He has a right to make money, and supporting his product is the way he wants to do this.

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