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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The Linux desktop has come a long way. It's a fully usable, stable, and secure operating system that can be used quite easily by the masses. Not too long ago, Sun figured they could do the same by starting Project Indiana, which is supposed to deliver a complete distribution of OpenSolaris in a manner similar to GNU/Linux. After using the latest version for a while, I'm wondering: why?
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Don't see why ...
by etherealsoul on Tue 21st Jul 2009 04:37 UTC
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Well ... all what I have seem is complaining and complaining and complaining ... All say linux is better linux this and linux that but it seems that a very small group of people remember how linux was ... let me enlighten you a bit.
I started Linux a bit late with redhat 5.2 ... X was ... well ... it was a crap. To configure X we needed to known every attributes our Graphics and monitor had, including mouse and/or keyboard. It was considered "geek".
for me OpenSolaris nowadays is the same it is to be used by those that know Unix and for those that want to try and learn OS mostly. Making another comparison, I learn most about OS with Gentoo when they had stage 1 install ...
Moving on ... yes ZFS uses a lot a mem, yes timeslider is not nothing more and nothing else than a zfs send and a zfs receive, and yes it is a bit slow booting.
This is my experience with SXDE which I use since b66 now b117. It had it's issues but the ability to make a live upgrade while I'm working it's just awesome (other os's might have it also, don't know which), in the end of the upgrade and keep working and in the other day I boot into the new environment.
All my work and normal usage, see movies, listen to music I do with with SXDE. Games I use windows, why? well I'm not rich and I'm not getting a workhorse computer so I can run my games under wine ... bah.
I've seen OpenSolaris working in HP, Toshiba and Dell without problems ... I have my Huawei E220 working with OpenSolaris.
So ... as to my experience and with 3G's RAM I can have Firefox 3.5 with over 15 tabs opened ... thunderbird ... staroffice 9 ... VirtualBox with two VM's working W7 and Fedora 11 each with 512Mb without it using swap at all. The difference for 2G is the Vm's nothing more.
If I want to play with iscsi I do it, if I want to use crossbow, easy just use it.
By the way ... Slowlaris in networking ... well ... that's outdated ... if you are a european it's like saying Alfa Romeo stills has electric defects ... people tend to maintain some phrases without even prove if it's still real.
X works like a charm with compiz also, even with a quadro fx from the laptop it's fast.
Anyway ... just spewing out the barbarities that I think are. ;)
Maybe I'll get my ass wiped ;)

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